The Rural Relics Project was inspired by the rural landscape. For the 15 years I've lived here in North Carolina, I've gazed at these monuments out in the country. I see these relic sharecropper homes, barns and other abandoned structures as objects of beauty. With a profound interest in history, I became curious about the past of these structures and imagined what they looked like when they were new and in use. As humble as they were, someone spent the time to build these structures and lived in them.

Our perception of history is viewed through B&W photographs. I thought it would be interesting to show these relics in B&W, wrapped in a modern, "flashy interface". The contrast seemed to be an interesting concept to me since I have a background in web development.

The Rural Relics Project is an ongoing journey, starting in North Carolina and branching out to other rural areas of the United States. I invite you to frequently stop by to see where my next project will take me. If you want to be notified every time I add a new relic, please use my contact form to let me know.


May: Stokes County, NC
Jun: Nassua County, FL
Jun: Okeechobee County, FL
Jul: Rockingham County, NC
Aug: Surry County, NC
Sep: Yadkin County, NC
Oct: Porter County, IN
Oct: Pulaski County, IN
Nov: Patrick County, VA
Nov: Henry County, VA
Dec: Berkely County, SC
Dec: Charleston County, SC

Jan: Wilkes County, NC
Jan: Alleghany County, NC
Feb: Carroll County, VA

I appreciate feedback and requests for hi-res downloads